Whether you are an experienced established racer, track day enthusiast looking to make the move into competition, or a complete novice AMS can help you.

Getting started in motorsport is easier and more affordable than many people realise.

Whether you already have a vehicle and a championship in mind, or are looking to purchase / rent a race car and are looking for eligible series to compete in, AMS can help.

We have a wide range of contacts and companies we work closely with, we can source quality cars at competitive prices. We have vast experience in preparing race cars for competition and have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements, technical, legal and practical for competition vehicles.

We can interprerate individual championship legislation to present legal, safe, reliable and competitive race cars.

We are in the fortunate position of having worked with several private clients, preparing their own race vehicles for competition and delivering the cars to circuits for both testing and race meetings.
AMS offer a very competitively priced `arrive and drive` service structured to suit individual clients requirements.
We also offer `on event support`, for customers who wish to prepare and transport their own cars, but require assistance and support during race / test days.

We are currently in the process of building a Porsche Boxster S race car, specifically for customer hire.
This car will be eligible for both the BRSCC Porsche Race Series, the Porsche Club Motorsport championship, as well as numerous other series and track day hire.

AMS pride themselves on customer satisfaction.
Whatever your experience level and expectations we strive to always provide a safe, reliable, competitive race car that is comfortable to your individual driving style and requirements.
The results always follow!

Throughout our years of experience we have been privileged to work with a number of highly trained, successful professional drivers, many of whom need no introduction in the world of motorsport.
We can assist with driver tuition to suit individual client requirements, and can provide recommendations for clients wishing to share their vehicles in endurance competition.

Please do come and see us on event, or get in contact if there is any way we can help with your motorsport.